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Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs are located at the bay of Kallithea, just 9km from the City of Rhodes. Known since antiquity for their therapeutic properties, the thermal springs of Kallithea were utilized by the Italians, in the early 20th century, being very popular and attracting visitors from all over the world. Nowadays the renovated, majestic premises of Kallithea Springs completely restored and tastefully refurbished are welcoming once again hundreds of visitors per day, being one of the most popular attractions on the island of Rhodes.


Lindos is for most visitors the most impressive archaeological site on the island of Rhodes. At the first sight, everyone inevitably steps on the brake pedal, to admire the dramatic natural landscape which is enhanced by the picturesque quality of the town built in a more recent past. The view is astonishing. Over the calm waters of a wide, rocky bay, white flat-roofed houses rise up a slope from a golden, schallow, sandy beach, forming a light belt around the north side of the castle hill. The mighty castle of the Acropolis of Lindos is enthroned above. At closer look, you can see behind the warlike walls the pillars of a very dainty little temple, which was once dedicated to the goddess Athena Lindia.


A unique nature reserve is to be found inland on Rhodes Island, “Butterfly Valley” or in Greek “Petaloudes Valley”. It sounds like a dreamy place and truly is! It is one of the most famous attractions of Rhodes that is certainly worth a visit.Only 10 km from the airport and 25 km from the town of Rhodes, you can visit the famous Valley of the Butterflies. This is a habitat with dense flora, breathtaking natural beauty, harmonious structures of bridges with the environment, paved paths, ponds, small inexhaustible waterfalls, serene atmosphere and a unique experience for the visitors. 

Filerimos Cross

Philerimos, located on a hill south of Ialysos, is one the major sights of Rhodes, mainly because of the monastery of Panagia Filerimos and the beautiful renovation of the place by the Italians before WW II.

Howevere, in the Middle Ages, Philerimos was primarily a fortress.


Prasonisi is the Greek word for “green island”. During summer time, and when water levels are low enough, this island is a peninsula attached to Rhodes. During the winter time, and when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island. The southernmost tip of Prasonisi contains . The closest Greek village is Katavia however, there is a purpose-built settlement on Prasonisi that contains motels, convenience stores, restaurants, and windsurf rentals which are open seasonally. Near Prasonisi is Vroula an ancient settlement that contains an old mosaic tiled 

Agathi beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes, located on the east shore of the island. Agathi is a wonderfully preserved virgin beach, without large crowds and noisy beach bars.  The beach is recommended for free camping and is a great place to spend a night or two with good friends

Ladiko -Tsabika beach

Ladiko is a small bay close to Faliraki with amazing sand, small rocks and turquoise waters. After enjoying your swim, you can try a local meal in the nearby small tavern. Note that it does become crowded, especially in August, due to its unique landscapeand the great waters

Old City

The old city of Rhodes is the largest medieval city in the whole European continent. It is considered as one of the most important monuments of cultural heritage on an international level and therefore was declared a World Heritage City by Unesco in 1988. The narrow streets, the classical architecture, the medieval churches and the bridges shape the unique atmosphere of the old city that is reminiscent of a different era that you’ll love at first sig

St.Paul Beach in Lindos

St Paul beachIt is claimed that St Paul landed here in the year 51 AD to preach Christianity to the Rhodians. The small church built on the hillside is a very popular wedding location, most likely because of the beautiful views of the bay and Lindos Acropolis.
The beaches in St Pauls BayThere are two beaches in the bayThe large beach in the southern end is a manmade beach with golden sand. The smaller beach at the northern end of the bay is a mix of sand and gravel.Facilities at both beaches include sun loungers, sun shades, toilets and a café. Parking is possible close to the beaches. The beaches in St Pauls Bay are relatively uncrowded and very relax

Museum of Rhodes

Located in the city of Rhodes, the Archeological Museums of the island hosts objects dated back to the Archaic, the Roman, the Mycenaean and the Hellenistic Period which include vases, sculptures, statues, ceramics and more. The archaeological findings of the museum come from theisland of Rhodes and other islands of the Dodecanese, giving the visitor the opportunity to get familiarized with the local cultural production through the ages, under the influence of other populations and civilizations

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